• Estimate user stories in story points or ideal hours/days with single click.
  • Add stories to releases and sprints with single click.
  • Track total story points added to release or sprint.
  • Track release story point burnup sprint by sprint.
  • Assign user to sprint teams and roles and permissions to team members.
  • View hours assigned to team members across all projects or by sprint.
  • Track and view story points across team members and projects.
  • Milestones automatically generated based on release and sprint end dates.
  • Sprint burndown charts track target, average and actual velocity.
  • Release burnup charts track total value added across all sprints.
  • Add comments to any item, document, feature, user story, bug or task.
  • View all comments via mouse over pop-ups.
  • Built in activity tracker records every user interaction.
  • View activity contextually by product, release or sprint.
  • All fields optional.
  • Fast text search, attach documents, specs, mock-ups or images.
  • Detailed customizable bug backlog.
  • Estimate house to fix bugs.
  • Integrated bug workflow, open, resolve, verified and close.
  • Detailed sprint blocker board.
  • Upload and share documents with built in document repository.
  • Dedicated user “home” pages designed to provide user contextual information.


  • Free Edition 1 project/ 3 users – Free
  • Basic Edition 15 Products/ 5Gb – $9.95/user/month
  • Team Edition Unlimited Products/ 30Gb – $12.95/user/month

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