• Iteration management
    • Story and task prioritisation using drag-n’-drop
    • You can pull stories from many products and projects into a single iteration
    • Burndown shows total estimated effort left and spent
  • Project management
    • Prioritize the backlog as a list
    • Handle multi-team projects with parallel iterations
    • Release burn-up shows progress against planned scope
  • Product management
    • Split epics to release-sized features and iteration-sized stories
    • Move stories between products, projects and iterations
    • Filter the backlog based on story attributes
  • Portfolio management
    • See the big picture of who is working on what
    • Prioritise ongoing projects using drag n’ drop
    • Track key projects, iterations, stories and people through custom management reports
  • Daily work and timesheets
    • See the tasks and stories assigned to you across the company portfolio
    • Plan what to take on next by using personal task and story queues
    • Log spent effort as needed – to tasks, stories, iterations, projects or products and create reports
  • Timesheets
    • Log spent effort with the needed granularity – to products, projects,iterations, stories or tasks
    • Create reports of logged spent effort and export these as MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Access rights
    • Admin users may do anything, non-admin users are limited to the products and iterations their teams have access to
    • Non-admin users may create new products that their teams have access to and add new users to their teams
    • All users may belong to as many teams as needed
  • Compatible with the Scaled Agile Framework


  • $free – open source version
  • $? – hosted version pricing available Fall 2013

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