• Projects form the foundation creating a hub environment from which all facets of the project are conducted
  • Visualize projects so that the entire team understands the current status of the project and can work in an autonomous, motivated and collaborative manner
  • AgileSoup’s intuitive design allows participants to manage their own tasks, collaborate with others and innovate without training
  • Android application that operates not only as a standalone solution but as a mobile client for existing users of AgileSoup

Hosted Pricing

  • 5 users, 5Mb, Unlimited projects – Free
  • 10 users/ 100Mb/ Unlimited projects – $19/month
  • 15 users/ 200Mb/ unlimited projects – $29/month
  • 20 users/ 300Mb/ unlimited projects – $39/month

On Premise Pricing

  • License – $125/user
  • Support – $49/user/year


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