Bright Green Projects


  • Extract all recent activity on a project.
  • Links to all of your work plus counts to keep on top of your WIP.
  • Comments and messages easy to keep track of.
  • Reports and charts include burndown, velocity and release notes.
  • Quickly filter thousands of requirements. Save filters as bookmarks.
  • Build a hierarchy – break requirements and stories down into tasks.
  • Export all requirements as CSV to Excel.
  • Identify dependencies and relationships with other cards.
  • Visualize you work represented as cards on a wall.
  • Drag and drop cards into different columns to change the status.
  • Optimized of use on a large LCD monitor or projector.
  • Group tasks by parent requirement or story. Add new tasks on the fly.
  • Prioritize backlog of all requirements, issues and stories.
  • All open releases, iterations or sprints. Concurrent sprints with multiple teams for large projects.
  • Drag and drop backlog items straight into the sprint or iteration.
  • Quickly build filters to refine your backlog. Save as bookmarks.
  • Add company specific custom fields to all entities – dates, strings, pick lists.
  • Export custom field data to Excel for more complex reporting.
  • Customize pick lists with values that make sense to your project.
  • Burndown charts – visualize amount of work remaining in an iteration
  • Velocity chart – visualize how much work your team completed in previous iterations.
  • Open items report – how long have issues and risks been open, how many requirements are impacted and who is responsible.
  • Requirement Snapshot – a summary of requirement types and status.


  • Free Edition – 3 Users/ 2 projects/ no custom fields / no reports ¬†– Free
  • Business Edition – ¬†unlimited projects / customizable fields / reports & anayltics –¬†$20/month / user after first 3

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