Product Overview:

IceScrum is a web-based project management software which uses Scrum method. IceScrum is free and open source. The software is a Java web application and requires Java container to run.

Item Breakdown
The product is divided into its main features. Features are split into small use cases: the user stories, which are implemented by the team through tasks.

Reports & Metrics
iceScrum automatically produces agile reports: burndown, burnup, parking lot, cumulative flows charts…

Product Backlog
The backlog is the set of stories which are groomed, refined and prioritized so they can be planned in sprints and implemented by the team.

Permissions are granted according to the role in the Scrum team: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, regular team member or stakeholder.

Releases & Sprints
According to story estimates, story priorities and team capacity, stories are planned into sprints in order to add as much value as possible to the product.

Defects / Bugs
Bugs are managed as defect stories alongside with user stories in a unified backlog. They keep track of the affected and fix versions.

Acceptance Tests
Is a story really done? Acceptance tests help answer this question and improve the quality of your product.

IntelliJ IDEA
Browse the “to do” tasks of the current sprint and pick the one you will work on without leaving your favorite IDE.

Web Services API (REST)
Accessible in JSON and XML formats, the REST Web Services API lets you manage stories, sprints, tasks, projects etc..

Virtual task board
Focus on the sprint, display the tasks Kanban board and switch user during stand-up meetings. Projected on a wall, it provides a great alternative to real post-its.

Stakeholders and team members suggest and comment stories in the Sandbox in order to help create the best product.

Advanced Search
Search features, stories, tasks and actors of your project according to keywords, custom tags and field value.

Pricing (hosted)

  • Free, 1 project, 1 user
  • Small Team 9.90€/month, 1 team, 3 users
  • One Team 39.90€/month, 1 team, unlimited users
  • Five Teams 99.90€/month, 5 teams, unlimited users
  • Unlimited 199,90€/month, unlimited teams & users

Pricing (licensed)

  • Community Free (less functionality, see comparison)
  • Startup 800 €/year, 1 team
  • Enterprise 2,000 €/year
  • Life 12,000 € For Life
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