Jira + Greenhopper



  • Configurable web interface, keyboard shortcuts
  • Track everything and define your issue types.
  • Modify workflows on the fly.
  • Link issues to source code.
  • JIRA Query Language – helps find elusive issues, run ad hoc reports, build dashboards, wallboards, etc.
  • Agile Project Management with GreenHopper add-on
  • Personal dashboard.
  • Sends crash reports automatically and chat with users on mobile applications
  • Reports to help manage the projects.
  • Import legacy bug trackers.
  • Several add-ons available.


  • Perfect for iteration planning and managing your flow.
  • Display issues as virtual index cards. Color coded and configurable.
  • Drag and drop cards to order your backlog or indicate progress.
  • Breakdown stories into technical tasks and update directly during planning.
  • Track and monitor progress with real-time burndowns on the Chart Board.
  • Track issues, hours or any custom value with burndown, burn up, value charts, etc.
  • Limit work in progress on Task Board columns to identify bottlenecks and highlight spare capacity.
  • Organize multiple backlogs.
  • Drag and drop prioritization.
  • View statistical summaries for every backlog at a glance. Set min and max capacity indicators to aid with prioritizing and planning.

On Premise Pricing

  • 1-10 users – $20
  • 11-25 users – $1,800
  • 26-50 users – $3,300
  • 51-100 users – $6,000

Hosted Pricing

  • 1-10 users – $20
  • 11-15 users – $75/month
  • 16-25 users – $150/month
  • 26-50 users – $300/month


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