Kanban Tool


  • Online Kanban Boards
    • real-time visibility into what people are working on
    • organize your work and projects with cards placed on Kanban board
    • visualize, control and optimize your workflow
    • use mouse or touchscreen to drag & drop tasks
    • limit work in progress to prevent bottlenecks
    • collaborate in real time with team members
    • track multiple projects on one board using horizontal swimlanes
  • Insightful analytics
    • gain full control over your project
    • analyze workflow and remove any bottlenecks
    • monitor and improve your work efficiency
    • predict when you will get the job done basing on previous performance
    • use breakdown charts to get quick insight into project status
    • measure cycle time using cumulative flow diagram
  • Visual Project Management
    • smarter way to manage workflow
    • organize your work into projects
    • invite people and build project teams
    • use online Kanban boards to share and collaborate on work to do
    • use online documents to share other important information
  • Online Documents
    • designed for efficient teams
    • create online text documents and share them with your team members
    • custom format with advanced text editor
    • great for to-do lists, specifications and documentation


  • Free Plan – Free (2 users, 2 boards)
  • Starter Plan – $9 per month (4 users, 3 boards)
  • Pro Plan – $29 per month (10 users, 8 boards)
  • Unlimited Plan – $5 per user per month (Unlimited boards, file attachments)
  • On-Site – Contact support@kanbantool.com for more information.


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