FindNerd Project Management Tool is an online project management and collaboration tool featured to plan your project sprints, tasks and bugs among your team & client in a user friendly manner. It also offers several features to simplify the way you manage your projects and run the teams. It is considered as one of the best free project management tools among its competitors and is known for its inbuilt features like Group Chats, Session Tracking (Task Tracking Tool), Screenshots Capturing, etc. This tool allows easy team collaboration within company and client side, analyze productivity for project and team, so that you measure accurate ROI.

It has different modules which are really revolutionary for project managers. This platform allows you to plan your project tasks and sprints with your team & client in a very user friendly manner. This project planning and management tool is completely free where you can also manage your project resources, task and bugs issues at one place and can also easily evaluate the employee or project performance through productivity reports.


  • Free

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Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.44.37 is a digital card game designed to help agile and scrum development teams effectively set their sprint goals through collaborative planning and consensus-based estimations. Planning Poker is proven to be one of the most effective sprint planning tools for agile teams. No physical card decks required – all your team needs is a computer or mobile device and sprint planning can be simplified. Using this method through a convenient online tool, teams can remove bias from their story estimations and focus on getting consensus around effort. It’s also extremely useful for teams with remote members. offers multiple ways for agile teams to play Planning Poker. Once a game organizer – typically a scrum master or project manager – creates an account, your team can start planning. While the Basic version is free for teams smaller than 10 people, there are also paid monthly and annual accounts with more powerful features to improve sprint planning and team productivity.


  • Free, 1-10 users
  • Select, $24.95/month, 15 users
  • Pro, $49.95/month, 50 users

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SwiftKanban is a web-based electronic enterprise/portfolio Kanban and visual management app for both co-located and distributed teams and enterprises. Visual Management and Kanban are the latest and one of the best ways of collaboration on a wide variety of technology and business functions.

SwiftKanban can be used by software teams, IT/ops/DevOps teams, project managers/teams and those in HR, marketing, sales, procurement, construction, insurance, legal and other fields to visualize their team’s processes and work and improve overall flow, efficiency, and delivery of value to their customers. SwiftKanban combines Scrum, Kanban, and visual management to offer a powerful tool for Lean/Agile software development, visual project management, and business collaboration and improvement.

SwiftKanban is available in both SaaS and on-premise models, and comes with a free Team edition as well as Group and Enterprise options.

Benefits of SwiftKanban

SmartLanes based Swim Lane design that provides powerful workflow mapping capabilities – across multiple work-items, classes of service and many other attributes. This makes it easy for customers to map even the most complex processes easily on the Kanban Board.
Large and insightful set of Lean/Kanban-based analytics based on statistical analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, flow analysis and process control. Customers get the benefit of implementing true Lean/ Kanban principles, and the improvements thereof.

Easy to use, highly configurable Board Design with several powerful Visualization controls – such as Board Zoom, Aging, Calendar, Change tracking and others. Makes it easy for teams used to physical boards to migrate to an electronic Kanban board and use it effectively for day-to-day work management – including Daily Stand-ups – as well as an effective Information Radiator for all stakeholders.

Highly flexible Hierarchy Design for Portfolio and Program level Board design, unlimited levels of hierarchy, many-to-many relationships and child-to-parent progress reporting. Solves a key challenge for customers to scale Agile in the enterprise, provide Agile Portfolio and Program Management – and visibility to executive management of all critical initiatives.
Power simulation via the unique Board Playback feature: Teams can watch their “Kanban Movie” and see in real time how their board and workflow performed over the last week/month/quarter or any review time period. Enables them to observe patterns, identify bottlenecks, sources of rework and resource loading. And helps them identify specific improvement opportunities.


  • Four levels of Board Zoom to provide full/detailed board view
  • Aging view to show Cards not worked on recently
  • Board Playback to help Retrospectives identify patterns
  • Board/Card hierarchy for portfolio management
  • Card traceability/dependency
  • Convert cards from one type to another
  • Default/customizable Task List per card-type
  • Document attachments, Excel import/export
  • Extensive Scrum/Scrumban support
  • Integration to JIRA, TFS, Git and 35+ other tools
  • Move cards across lanes or boards
  • Powerful Board and Application configuration
  • Powerful filter to help Daily Standups/other interactions
  • Scrum, Kanban and other management metrics and reports
  • Smart Lanes to map multiple workflows using card attributes
  • Tagging to facilitate Easy Tracking of key trends
  • Visual Kanban Board and Backlog Boards


  • Team: Free for two years 10 users/10 boards, Standard templates
  • Group: $7 per user per month, 50 users/20 boards, Custom templates, advanced reports, Scrumban features, Data import/export
  • Enterprise: $15 per user per month, Unlimited users, Unlimited boards, Unlimited card types, Dashboards, Exhaustive analytics, API access, Enterprise boards, Card hierarchy, SwiftSync adaptors (paid add-on)
  • On-site pricing not listed

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Product Overview:

IceScrum is a web-based project management software which uses Scrum method. IceScrum is free and open source. The software is a Java web application and requires Java container to run.

Item Breakdown
The product is divided into its main features. Features are split into small use cases: the user stories, which are implemented by the team through tasks.

Reports & Metrics
iceScrum automatically produces agile reports: burndown, burnup, parking lot, cumulative flows charts…

Product Backlog
The backlog is the set of stories which are groomed, refined and prioritized so they can be planned in sprints and implemented by the team.

Permissions are granted according to the role in the Scrum team: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, regular team member or stakeholder.

Releases & Sprints
According to story estimates, story priorities and team capacity, stories are planned into sprints in order to add as much value as possible to the product.

Defects / Bugs
Bugs are managed as defect stories alongside with user stories in a unified backlog. They keep track of the affected and fix versions.

Acceptance Tests
Is a story really done? Acceptance tests help answer this question and improve the quality of your product.

IntelliJ IDEA
Browse the “to do” tasks of the current sprint and pick the one you will work on without leaving your favorite IDE.

Web Services API (REST)
Accessible in JSON and XML formats, the REST Web Services API lets you manage stories, sprints, tasks, projects etc..

Virtual task board
Focus on the sprint, display the tasks Kanban board and switch user during stand-up meetings. Projected on a wall, it provides a great alternative to real post-its.

Stakeholders and team members suggest and comment stories in the Sandbox in order to help create the best product.

Advanced Search
Search features, stories, tasks and actors of your project according to keywords, custom tags and field value.

Pricing (hosted)

  • Free, 1 project, 1 user
  • Small Team 9.90€/month, 1 team, 3 users
  • One Team 39.90€/month, 1 team, unlimited users
  • Five Teams 99.90€/month, 5 teams, unlimited users
  • Unlimited 199,90€/month, unlimited teams & users

Pricing (licensed)

  • Community Free (less functionality, see comparison)
  • Startup 800 €/year, 1 team
  • Enterprise 2,000 €/year
  • Life 12,000 € For Life
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  • Online Kanban Boards
    • flexible and highly customizable Kanban boards
    • rich collaboration features with real-time updates
    • visual approach providing overview of your workflow with great clarity
    • intuitive drag & drop interface
    • notification system that keeps you posted
    • performance increase with metrics and estimates
    • hierarchical access rights across the platform
    • custom card templates for different task types
    • WIP limits and swimlanes
  • Collaboration
    • share and assign tasks and sub-tasks
    • invite external users to monitor the progress of your workflow
    • send tasks to e-mail or e-mail new tasks to your board
    • post comments and send messages to your teammates
    • evaluate efficiency with daily recaps
    • share important files and documents
  • Estimates and metrics
    • evaluate your performance and eliminate bottlenecks
    • adjust your Kanban boards accordingly
    • view, print and export distribution charts
    • smart prediction of work time left on your pending tasks
    • improve your efficiency and performance
    • evaluate workflow with Cumulative Flow Diagram and Lead & Cycle time metric
  • Other features
    • add your raw ideas and pending tasks in Icebox
    • restrict access to your projects and organize your list in folders
    • utilize personal task list from all your projects
    • learn how to use Kanban board with our interactive tutorial
    • Import/export of your projects
    • fully filterable workflow
    • Kanban board synchronized with a calendar view and a list view
  • Pricing
    • 14 days free trial
    • Unlimited – $8 per user a month
    • Basic plan – $45 per month (8 users, 6 projects)
    • Team plan – $99 per month (18 users, 20 projects)

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Herogami is a powerful tool that boosts your development and comes with a full three-months free trial. The perfect balance: ease of use, attractive UI and complete analytics to effectively manage large teams and complex projects. Manage projects, users, tasks and issues, set milestones, upload your documents on the cloud and access to your projects everywhere you are.


Empower your Agile Team: From effective milestones and sprints management to highly visual kanban boards, from fully customizable project phases to extensive team roles up to integrated document management, wiki and calendar.

Track everything and everyone: Real time reports and a unique project timeline for just-in-time feedback.

Integrated export feature.

Projects are organized in clear milestones, complex requirement are captured as stories and broken down into multiple discrete tasks, issues are clearly tracked.

Tables, lists, kanban boards and an incredible interactive Planner.

Tools and flexibility to track issue and bugs. Effectively using both visual metaphors like interactive kanban boards as well as traditional list-based views.

Project progress graphs provide visual feedback on advancement

Easy users access and management. New users are assigned a free plan and lasting for a period of three months. You’ll be registering in a minute as admin of your company and will start adding users from within the app in less than 1 minute.


  • Free 3 month trial
  • Basic – 19.90€/month
  • Pro – 49.90€/month
  • Premium – 99.90€/month

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Kanban Tool


  • Online Kanban Boards
    • real-time visibility into what people are working on
    • organize your work and projects with cards placed on Kanban board
    • visualize, control and optimize your workflow
    • use mouse or touchscreen to drag & drop tasks
    • limit work in progress to prevent bottlenecks
    • collaborate in real time with team members
    • track multiple projects on one board using horizontal swimlanes
  • Insightful analytics
    • gain full control over your project
    • analyze workflow and remove any bottlenecks
    • monitor and improve your work efficiency
    • predict when you will get the job done basing on previous performance
    • use breakdown charts to get quick insight into project status
    • measure cycle time using cumulative flow diagram
  • Visual Project Management
    • smarter way to manage workflow
    • organize your work into projects
    • invite people and build project teams
    • use online Kanban boards to share and collaborate on work to do
    • use online documents to share other important information
  • Online Documents
    • designed for efficient teams
    • create online text documents and share them with your team members
    • custom format with advanced text editor
    • great for to-do lists, specifications and documentation


  • Free Plan – Free (2 users, 2 boards)
  • Starter Plan – $9 per month (4 users, 3 boards)
  • Pro Plan – $29 per month (10 users, 8 boards)
  • Unlimited Plan – $5 per user per month (Unlimited boards, file attachments)
  • On-Site – Contact for more information.

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  • Iteration management
    • Story and task prioritisation using drag-n’-drop
    • You can pull stories from many products and projects into a single iteration
    • Burndown shows total estimated effort left and spent
  • Project management
    • Prioritize the backlog as a list
    • Handle multi-team projects with parallel iterations
    • Release burn-up shows progress against planned scope
  • Product management
    • Split epics to release-sized features and iteration-sized stories
    • Move stories between products, projects and iterations
    • Filter the backlog based on story attributes
  • Portfolio management
    • See the big picture of who is working on what
    • Prioritise ongoing projects using drag n’ drop
    • Track key projects, iterations, stories and people through custom management reports
  • Daily work and timesheets
    • See the tasks and stories assigned to you across the company portfolio
    • Plan what to take on next by using personal task and story queues
    • Log spent effort as needed – to tasks, stories, iterations, projects or products and create reports
  • Timesheets
    • Log spent effort with the needed granularity – to products, projects,iterations, stories or tasks
    • Create reports of logged spent effort and export these as MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Access rights
    • Admin users may do anything, non-admin users are limited to the products and iterations their teams have access to
    • Non-admin users may create new products that their teams have access to and add new users to their teams
    • All users may belong to as many teams as needed
  • Compatible with the Scaled Agile Framework


  • $free – open source version
  • $? – hosted version pricing available Fall 2013

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  • Sprint planning & tracking
  • Kanban boards
  • Burn downcharts
  • Backlog with “epic” support
  • Integrations with GitHub, Subversion, UserVoice, Zendesk, DropBox, GDrive & Box.
  • Issue tracker
  • Custom fields


  • $free – first 3 users
  • $5 – per user per month (pre-pay discounts)
  • $20 – per user per month self hosted

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  • Dashboard to know which activities are being performed in a project at a particular time.
  • Email notifications for informing about deadlines and important project activities.
  • In browser chat for instantly connecting with team members.
  • Customization allows business firms to add their logos and branding for better receptivity.
  • Time sheets for time tracking
  • Calendar, To-do’s for documentation of important events and tasks.
  • Proofing tool for proofing of time-critical design and graphic files.
  • Notes, integration with Drop Box.
  • ProofHub mobile enables users to connect with their projects while on the go.
  • Discussions allow the team members to collaborate and discuss over important project matters
  • Loop in to connect temporarily with important individuals not included in a project originally.
  • Share and upload files.
  • Simple and smooth looks
  • Easy to use
  • ProofHub Bolt for iOS and Android devices! Now user can stay on top of their projects, remote teams and clients even when they are on the go!
  • Workflow & Boards
  • API
  • Trash Can: Now recover and restore deleted items in your projects.
  • Custom domain SSL: It will now let you deliver your content over HTTPS using your own domain name and certificate.


  • Up to 40 projects $50/month, 15GB storage
  • Unlimited projects $150/month, 100GB storage

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