• Scrum & Kanban boards
  • Drag-and-drop backlog prioritization
  • Multi-project support
  • Analysis of the iteration status, people status, plus a wide range of tracking, bugs, requirements & planning reports
  • Requirements management
  • Bugs management
  • Time tracking
  • Customization abilities
  • Integration with any version of Microsoft TFS, including Team Foundation Service
  • Feedback Portal (add-on) to collect and manage ideas, feature requests and feedback


  • $1,499 – first 5 users + TeamPulse server (it is called TeamPulse Starter Pack)
  • $249 – for each additional user
  • $2,999 – for Feedback Portal add-on

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  • On-site installation, multiple projects support, advanced permission management, timezones, supports many languages, user profiles.
  • Dashboard with cross project view, Project information radiator Sandbox, Backlog, Taskboar, drag and drop plus zoom for task board.
  • Customize the task board, time sheets (time and budget tracking), Wiki (5 supported syntaxes, full text search and activity history.
  • Release planning within projects, release date forecasts, burndown charts.
  • Iteration goals, planning and tracking.
  • Estimation with customizable scale, MoSCoW priorities, splitting user stories, automatic work progress, moving/copying between projects, tags, acceptance, card colors, versioning, attachments, comments and printing cards.
  • Convert tasks into stories, move tasks between stories, multiple users assigned to a task, estimation with customizable scale, comments.
  • DokuWiki, Confluence, Trac, MediaWiki and textile syntaxes.
  • Project burndown/burnup charts, budget burndown, iteration burndown – stories and tasks, velocity chart, backlog progress display.
  • E-mail notifications, RSS feeds, REST API or HTTP, plugins, SVN integration, GitHub integration, POP3 integration, UserVoice integration, imports (CSV) into backlog and exports(CSV) from backlog compatible with Excel.

On Premise Pricing

  • Free – 1- 5 users
  • €12.50/per user/month after the first 5 users.

Hosted Pricing

  • €12.50/user/month (5 user minimum)


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  • Prioritization based on value and risk, KANO satisfaction, tags and visualization of backlogs using tree map.
  • Integrated impediments management, online notification, role based permissions, metrics and printed documents.
  • Capacity planning, velocity tracking, instant notification, simple usage and integration with other tools.
  • Coach through integrated module created based on experience gained in our training, mentoring and transitions we supported. Developed with agile coaches.
  • Scrum artifacts are available for third party applications via Rest API.
  • ScrumDesk Lite for iPhone to access backlogs from anywhere.
  • Integrate using Synchronization Hub, email, Excel or messaging systems.

Commercial Pricing

  • Free – 5 users
  • Hosted – $15/user/month after the first 5 users.
  • On Premise – $180 user after the first 5 users

Academic/Non-Profit Pricing

  • Free – 20 licenses
  • Hosted – $7/user/month after the first 20 users.
  • On Premise – $90/user after the first 20 users

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  • Requirements
    • Prioritize product backlog, drag and drop
    • Author story, upload files
    • Trace defects.
  • Iterations
    • Plan, track iteration and team.
    • Burndown charts
    • Dashboards and alerts
  • Defects
    • Create, assign defects
    • Prioritize using backlog
    • Track until fixed.
  • Project Management
    • Agile life cycle management.
    • Full support for Scrum
    • Collaborate anywhere.
  • Releases
    • Feature/time based releases
    • Velocity Chart
    • Retrospective notes


  • Free – 5 users
  • $20 – 10 users/month
  • $75 – 15 users/month
  • $200 – 25 user/month
  • $400 – 50 users/month
  • $800 – 100 users/month

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  • Allows communication with developers, customers, testing, QA and project managers.
  • Live progress with every team member – no refresh button.
  • Quick start time with drag & drop, build your release and iteration schedule.
  • Use planning board and reports to easily monitor team progress.
  • Define as many custom fields as you need to gather specific information.
  • Print user stories on index cards for a tangible resource during planning sessions.
  • Dashboard lists Todo, In Progress, and Done in columns with drag and drop interface for easy updates.
  • Taskboard clearly displays all the cards in the current iteration and lists the tasks which need to be accomplished.
  • Burndown charts track the sprint, release or entire project’s health.
  • As an integrated Eclipse plug-in, ProjectCards can be run at every developer’s workstation.
  • Project and role-based user authorization schema to secure access to your data.


  • Free / 2 users/ 4 projects / 200 cards per project
  • 1-10 users – $145 per user/year
  • 11+ users – $130 per user/year

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  • Projects form the foundation creating a hub environment from which all facets of the project are conducted
  • Visualize projects so that the entire team understands the current status of the project and can work in an autonomous, motivated and collaborative manner
  • AgileSoup’s intuitive design allows participants to manage their own tasks, collaborate with others and innovate without training
  • Android application that operates not only as a standalone solution but as a mobile client for existing users of AgileSoup

Hosted Pricing

  • 5 users, 5Mb, Unlimited projects – Free
  • 10 users/ 100Mb/ Unlimited projects – $19/month
  • 15 users/ 200Mb/ unlimited projects – $29/month
  • 20 users/ 300Mb/ unlimited projects – $39/month

On Premise Pricing

  • License – $125/user
  • Support – $49/user/year


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Bright Green Projects


  • Extract all recent activity on a project.
  • Links to all of your work plus counts to keep on top of your WIP.
  • Comments and messages easy to keep track of.
  • Reports and charts include burndown, velocity and release notes.
  • Quickly filter thousands of requirements. Save filters as bookmarks.
  • Build a hierarchy – break requirements and stories down into tasks.
  • Export all requirements as CSV to Excel.
  • Identify dependencies and relationships with other cards.
  • Visualize you work represented as cards on a wall.
  • Drag and drop cards into different columns to change the status.
  • Optimized of use on a large LCD monitor or projector.
  • Group tasks by parent requirement or story. Add new tasks on the fly.
  • Prioritize backlog of all requirements, issues and stories.
  • All open releases, iterations or sprints. Concurrent sprints with multiple teams for large projects.
  • Drag and drop backlog items straight into the sprint or iteration.
  • Quickly build filters to refine your backlog. Save as bookmarks.
  • Add company specific custom fields to all entities – dates, strings, pick lists.
  • Export custom field data to Excel for more complex reporting.
  • Customize pick lists with values that make sense to your project.
  • Burndown charts – visualize amount of work remaining in an iteration
  • Velocity chart – visualize how much work your team completed in previous iterations.
  • Open items report – how long have issues and risks been open, how many requirements are impacted and who is responsible.
  • Requirement Snapshot – a summary of requirement types and status.


  • Free Edition – 3 Users/ 2 projects/ no custom fields / no reports  – Free
  • Business Edition –  unlimited projects / customizable fields / reports & anayltics – $20/month / user after first 3

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Silver Catalyst


  • Never worry about wanting to switch to kanban or scrum. Both are supported.
  • Lightweight interface, easily scales up to enterprise class functionality.
  • Create, filter and prioritize huge backlogs.
  • Comfortably handle large, distributed teams.
  • Improve collaboration between team members.
  • Use API to integrate with third party tools.
  • Available in hosted and on-site editions.
  • Create and manage large backlogs. Prioritize backlogs using drag and drop.
  • Create and manage sprints.
  • Automatically generate sprint turndowns, project turndowns and velocity trends.
  • Warning system if you are exceeding capacity.
  • Break down features into tasks and visually track features and tasks on a task board.
  • Create and manage large backlogs. Prioritize backlogs using drag and drop.
  • Customize workflow and set work in process limits. Hard limits can be overridden to expedite work.
  • visual management system uses colors and patterns to easily identify work item type, class of service and blocked items.
  • Automatically generate cumulative flow graphs and statistical process control charts.
  • Supports a two level hierarchy, so features can be broken down into smaller work items.

Hosted Pricing

  • Starter Edition, 1 user / 1 project – free
  • Enterprise Edition, $25 / project / month

On Premise Pricing

  • Enterprise Edition, $75 / project / year

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Pivotal Tracker


  • Automatically and in real-time – track story completions, iterations and velocity. Iteration backlogs dynamically adjusted which keeps the schedule up to date.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Status and backlog always available and shared with everyone.
  • Built in charts – release burn-down, iteration burn-up, story type breakdown and historical velocity.
  • Rearrange stories to reflect new priorities with drag and drop – see impact of those changes immediately.
  • Easy communications with comments, email, RSS, Twitter or Campfire.
  • Attach documents directly to the project.
  • Tag stories with labels to help find stories quickly.
  • iOS App -multi-touch interface, create stories, plan iterations, read only access. Keeps a full copy of you project for reading offline. No reloading from the server when switching panels or searching for a story.
  • Calculates future iterations automatically, based on historical performance.
  • Collective ownership means anyone can work on the next available story. You’ll see fewer bottlenecks.
  • Feedback loop and focus on MVP keeps projects moving forward and delivery of working software of paramount importance.
  • 3rd Party tools – Story Mapper, PT Mobile, Slurper, Mac OS/X, Pickler, Pivoltal-Tracker-IRC-bot, Chrome Story Board, Pivotal Tracker Analytics, Ruby API wrapper.
  • Supports Subversion, GitHub and Git. Create your own hooks for other systems.
  • Integrates with Lighthouse, JIRA, Zendesk, Get Satisfaction, Bugzilla or create your own.

Hosted Pricing

  • 3 Users/ 5 projects / 1Gb – $7/month
  • 7 users/ 10 projects/ 3Gb – $18/month
  • 10 users/ unlimited projects / unlimited storage – $50/month
  • 25 users / unlimited projects / unlimited storage – $100/month
  • 50 users/ unlimited projects / unlimited storage – $175/month

On Premise Pricing

  • ?

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