• Perfectly reflects the Agile methodology with natural and full support for Scrum and Kanban
  • Flexible tool that can be customized to support almost any custom process and workflow
  • Enhanced visualization functionality enables transparency and visibility into dependencies and priorities across teams, projects and the whole organization
  • Very responsive and helpful product support


  • Product dashboards – Create a custom dashboard per product to visualize important metrics, see the trends and keep an eye on the latest changes.
  • Roadmap planning – Create visual timelines, understand the current progress and plan a future short- or long-term roadmap. You will also be able to oversee team allocations to analyze who and when will be available for development of new functionality based on the system forecasts
  • Backlog management by epics, features, user stories, and bugs. Prioritize cross-project activities and dependencies.
  • Release plan management – plan releases by project or create high-level plans for multiple projects on one screen. Track progress for the current release, set milestones and control the scope of future releases.
  • Sprint planning – plan sprints in a clear and easy to use interface with batch drag & drop. Control the velocity, prioritize user stories and bugs.
  • Burn down charts with forecasts on work completion, velocity, progress, and daily metrics. See and fix scope creeps, add/remove tasks from the backlog, etc.
  • Task boards – see tasks by person, team, project. Track the progress, run meetings, perform updates.
  • Team boards – view your team across one or all of their projects and quickly estimate their work. Manage your team’s cross-project priorities and focus on delivering the most important work on time.
  • Flow setup – flexibility to support any custom process and workflow.
  • Flow chart – control work in process and reveal bottlenecks.
  • Kanban board – visualize the workflow and limit the work in progress.
  • Mature QA functionality – Create and manage test cases, organize them to test plans to cover testing on a feature, release and project levels, track test plans’ design and execution progress.
  • Graphical reports with the possibility to generate reports using custom metrics
  • iOS and Android apps


  • Team edition: free, unlimited amount of users
  • Company edition: $20 per user / month
  • Enterprise edition: price depends on the enterprise needs
  • Onsite – $495 / user ($95 per user / per year support & updates)


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