• Unlimited projects on all plans.
  • See all your projects in one workspace.
  • Interactive dashboard, microblogging, real time activity streams and instant email notifications.
  • Gantt charts shows you the big picture and the little picture.
  • Instead of duplicating a task – put it in all related projects simultaneously.
  • Add tasks, files and comments from email and instantly share them online.
  • Instant notification of new uploads.
  • All projects updates are instantly visible to the team.
  • Chat with “Activity Stream” privately in your workspace.
  • Use backlog to prioritize long lists of tasks and rearrange them in seconds.
  • Wrike reminds teammates about tasks, issues daily to-do emails and aggregates data across projects.
  • Native iPhone, iPad and Blackberry apps.
  • Built in time-tracker.In
  • Outlook bonus – mark an email as “flagged” and automatically becomes a task in Wrike.


  • 5 users, 5Gb – $49/month
  • 15 users, 15 Gb – $99/month
  • 25 users, 50Gb – $129/month
  • 50 users, 100Gb – $199/month


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